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Preparing Your Images - Image Well
With the Image Well, you can drag the image, in its current transformed state, to other applications, to a folder, or even into PhotoToWeb itself. This makes PhotoToWeb an excellent application for cropping, scaling, and rotating bitmap images needed in other applications.
To use the Image Well, select an image, apply scale, rotation, and cropping as desired, and click and drag in the Image Well. You can drag to:

• A folder or the desktop: a new JPEG file will be created.
• Another application that accepts image drag and drop.
• The current PhotoToWeb album. This is useful if you'd like to show both the original image and a cropped area of the image in your website.
• Another PhotoToWeb album. This is an easy way to copy images to another album.

Note: If the image has not been transformed at all (the scale is set to 100% and there's no cropping), the Image Well will create a link rather than a new file. Cropped or rescaled images dragged directly from the Image Well will be saved in a system temporary folder and will be deleted when you reboot your system. For more information see
Scratch Folder.
Hint: To avoid the transience of the tmp folder, drag images from the Image Well to a folder in the Finder, then drag that image from the Finder back into the album.
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