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Preparing Your Images - Viewing
The images you’ve added to your album show up in the image list. The number of images in the album is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the image list.
To work with an individual image, you need to select it.

To select an image, you can:
• Click on an image name in the image list
• Use the arrow buttons below the image list to move up and down through the list

The selected image will show in the PhotoToWeb viewing area. The size of the image in the viewing area, as a percentage of the image’s original size, is displayed in the lower right hand corner of the viewing area.

To change the size of the image in the viewing area, resize the main album window. This does not change the output image size (see
Setting Image Size).

To see how the image will appear on the web, given your current settings, choose View -> Preview Web Image (Shift-Command-I).
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