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Applescript (page 1)
PhotoToWeb is scriptable. If you know how to write Applescripts, you can use the Script Editor to examine PhotoToWeb’s dictionary.

Even if you’re not a scripting expert, you can use Applescripts to automatically create albums and web sites when you download photos from your digital camera. You can also automatically display your photos in a slide show. PhotoToWeb includes sample Applescripts to generate web pages, run a slide show, and generate thumbnails.

To use the sample Applescripts, copy them from the Image Capture subfolder of the Scripts folder in the PhotoToWeb disk image to your hard disk. You can put them anywhere, but standard places for scripts are “Users/yourname/Library/Scripts” and “/Library/Scripts” (accessible by anybody using your computer). Also, a standard place for Image Capture scripts is “/Library/ImageCapture/Scripts”.
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