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Part 4: Background
Step 1
Now we’re going to create a background for our matrix, to complete the drawing.

Open a new Create doc, and copy into it the five original individal cascaded diamonds (each a different colour series) that we made in part 1. Arrange them in a formation that resembles the dots you might see for scoring a five on a dice.

Also, set the background colour (see part 3) to a slightly lighter shade of black than the matrix we completed in part 3.

Step 2
Next, group the five cascaded diamonds together by selecting them all, and then going to Object -> Group -> Group scalable (or command G).

Then enlarge them by 300% using the size tab of the info panel, and then export the pattern to the desktop as a TIFF file.

(Hint: as with the matrix, use the custom page layout dialog to make the page square before exporting).
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