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Permanent License, cont.
If you have a network account, and you’re installing a license that will be accessed from multiple computers:

Choose /Network/Users/<username>/Library/<ApplicationName> (or where ever your network account is) if one user wants to access the application from multiple computers.

Choose /Network/Library/<ApplicationName> to allow multiple users to access the application from any computer on the network. If you have a single-user license, only one person will be able to use the application at a time.

If you want to provide access to anyone who opens the application, choose one of the application folders (/Applications/Stone Studio/ or /Applications/Stone Studio/ However, if the application is moved or upgraded, you will need to re-install your license number.

Expert User: If you want to install the license in some other directory of your choice:

1. Quit the application.
2. Open
3. Type:
defaults write com.stone.Create LicenseDirectory “/some valid/path to/a folder”
    (Replace Create with the name of the Stone Studio application, and enter a valid folder path.)
4. Open the application and bring up the License window.

Now you will be able to select the directory you entered from the Default Key Install Location menu.
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