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Quick Start - From Scratch (page 5)
8. Choose the look of your web pages.

Web -> Web Options… (Shift-Command-W) to set the background color, add a background image, set the text and link colors, add a navigation bar, even add your own HTML. See the Web Options section for a complete description.

9. Generate the web pages.

Web -> Create Web Pages… (Shift-Command-C). See Creating Web Pages for a description of the available options. You'll be asked to name the directory for the pages. After PhotoToWeb creates the web pages, your web browser will be notified to open the new pages automatically.

10. Put the web pages on the web.

Once PhotoToWeb creates the HTML and image files, you’ll need to transfer the files to a web server to make them publicly available. The easiest way to do this is to use your
iDisk account. In Mac OS X, you can mount your iDisk (in the Finder, choose Go -> iDisk) and then just drag and drop the folder created by PhotoToWeb to the Sites folder on your iDisk. To put your folder on another server, you’ll probably need to use an ftp application.
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