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Using Create to make the original 2d graphic of Quantum Ouija on the Mac, and interacting with the mouse and symbology, inevitably led to the idea of it becoming an actual Cyber application where moving the Planchette is simply an extension of the observers mouse. Hence the Cyber version of Quantum Ouija soon took its form.

The Cyber version allows that the observers “Intention” can be initially entered as a written text making this a definitive action at the start of each session. The action of entering a written “Intention” also with the option of dropping in a photo, then offers the observers a clear point of mental focus from which to then move the Fibonacci Planchette to any image, symbol, or text destination. At each click of the mouse the area under the Fibonacci Planchette view port is then recorded with a snap shot appearing in the right view window and stacked in the sequence of selections that have been made. How the selections are made is entirely up to the observers preferences and methods. Selections can be made with eyes open or shut, with one or more observers’ combined, and based on intuition or feeling. When the session is over the selections may be interpreted by checking the image and symbol references with “Overlying Intention” and general history. Perhaps go even farther making your own more in depth research into the potential “Intention” and history of the selected images and symbols.The process can be similar to the traditional Ouija combined with the traditional methods for reading and interpreting the Tarot, among other interpretive practices.
Pre-Cyber 2D Quantum Ouija Experiment with Fibonacci Planchette and Observer ground wire.

The Fibonacci Planchette “Overlying Intention”: Observer’s sychronization with the golden ratio as a fundamental form of space, and time.

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