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Lydia Kavina’s “Swamp Music”

Lydia Kavina (born September 8th, 1967 in Moscow) is the great niece of Lev Theremin and one of the rare professional thereminists in the world. At age 9, Lydia began a five-year study of the theremin with Prof. Theremin as her personal instructor. She studied musical theory at the Moscow Music Academy "October Revolution". Her stage career as a thereminvox-player began at the age of 14. Since then, she has given over 400 performances in Russia, Europe and the USA. Kavina is a composer herself and frequently uses the Thereminvox in her own pieces.

Lydia studied composition at the Tschaikovsky State Conservatory in Moscow where she graduated "summa cum laude" in 1992. She was on the lecture staff of the Moscow Glinka Museum (Central State Museum for Music Culture) from 1986 until 1987 and from 1991 until 1992.

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