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What is Psychic:

Psychic lets your customers submit production jobs directly to your print  workflow - with the simple click of a mouse. It is as easy as sending a document to their desktop printer.  You get a customised web area with your company branding - all you need to do is point your  customers at this area. They can then submit production jobs directly to your workflow and Psychic does the rest.  Any file format and best  of all it is completely automated, no operator needed.

It will automatically :

- Download all jobs directly into your workflow
- Prepare all jobs ready for processing
- Create a job ticket
- Check all jobs for errors
- Create a job report
- Notify your clients of the status of their jobs
- Notify your clients with full job report stating any errors
- Keep an online job tracking database of all jobs submitted
- Will separate the good jobs from the bad
- Allow you to print all jobs correctly with out the need of any operator
- Allow you to create PDF’s for any out put process
- Transfer jobs using one of the fastest file transfer services on the market
- Link into ISDN, FTP and other server or workflow solutions
- Give technical support for you and your clients

Let Psychic take care of all the manual tasks of your current workflow and even update your clients automatically. By installing Psychic it allows you to free up staff, and ensures that all jobs that are ready for print are correct. And it can do this 24/7

Additional optional features: 

* The ability to integrate direct into any data base 
* Automatic error correction
* Automatic file conversion
* The ability to integrate direct into any MIS
* Create and expand any kind of extended workflow from within Psychic, it grows with you
* Automatic PDF printing to any network device

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