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Introducing iMaginator
iMaginator is a new image processing application. It lets you apply multiple effects to any image. You can easily add, delete, modify, and rearrange effects, while your image instantly updates. You can save chains of effects for re-use with other images, as well as save your images as industry-standard JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or QuickTime files. Layer images, text & paint!

iMaginator provides an architecture allowing you to easily apply and manipulate image processing effects and filters that are provided as part of Apple's Core Image technology. Core Image is an extensible architecture built into Mac OS X v10.4 for near real-time, pixel-accurate image processing of graphics. Core Image effects are packaged as Image Units, and iMaginator provides an easy-to-use interface to all of the Image Units packaged with Mac OS X 10.4 as well as some custom effects created by us. In addition, iMaginator's flexible architecture will allow it to use image units released by third parties.

A couple of caveats:
Not all image units (effects) play well with each other. You may create effect chains that interact in peculiar ways. Sometimes, this will lead to creative serendipity with cool resuls. Other times, the effects and their controls may behave in odd, unexpected ways.

Core Image uses your video graphics card if it can or your CPU if it cannot. Older machines can still use iMaginator, but may be slow with large images or complex effects chains, or may display unwanted artifacts such as whiting out. If you notice weird drawing, try restarting iMaginator.
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