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And none of this would have manifested without the NeXT and the community we formed around our higher ideals and higher states of consciousness. We are emerging from the shells of the individual to the unlimited power of the collective. If we can move from "me" to "us", there is nothing we cannot accomplish. Dissolve the boundaries that bind, and spread out into a new paradigm.

If DMT is too fast for you, consider yoga and meditation, mantra and prayer, trance music and drumming, fasting and sleep deprivation - as these have become the tools of the trade for highly efficient software engineers that can use both sides of their brain. All the ancient tools to change consciousness on anyone with scientifically reproducible results. Techniques to open the third eye, the heart, the Holy Spirit, the eschaton so you patch your wetware and hook in deeper.

For example - here's a technique you can employ in a minute: inhale deeply through your nose with power, exhale, repeat until you can't stand it. Hold your breath. When you feel the rush, stop, let go, and let it unfold. You'll experience the onset of the DMT experience. With practice, you'll learn to go through the portal, without drugs except the ones produced right in your very own body.

Let’s try it!         [do this now as a group]

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