A Cartload of Bones
- Andrew ‘droid’ Stone @twittelator                         [easy to read pdf version]

John Perry Barlow in the hospital at UCSF Medical Center today brought back a flood of memories from the last 25 years.

The Weird Dad's Club, which we founded as a figmental fraternity of freaky fathers in the early 90's, had turned out ok - the kids really are alright.

2 of the 3 Barlowettes joined us today - Leah Justine and Anna. Anna is now in education and in Portland just like my second daughter, and she energizes a non-profit helping foster kids

Anna has a special place in my heart because my beloved wife Katie pretended to be Anna the last time we saw saw Jerry Garcia. It was at a
Grateful Dead show at McNichols Sports Arena in Denver 11/29/1994. Barlow had lent Katie Anna's backstage pass, so we got to hang with the GD family between sets, Katie vacillating between the joy of pretending and the fear of being exposed!

That particular show was loaded with epiphanies - it could have been that bio regional ayahuasca or maybe it was the roses.

Earlier we'd gathered in Barlow's room where he'd been continuing his effort to sabotage his marriage with a local Bobby's girl, Carey. My friend Sophie was quick to point out 'Carey, you know, because she cares...'

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