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For time entries, this field shows the total amount of non-paused time for the entry.

If the field is yellow, the entry has been paused at some point. This means that the amount of time does not match the difference between the start and stop times.

The field is editable. Entering a value directly into the Time field will stop an active or paused time entry and set the Stop field to the result of adding the Time field’s value in hours to the Start field’s value. It will override any pauses and resumes.

For expense entries, the field is non-editable and shows “Exp.”.

Rate: The hourly rate for a particular time entry. This is automatically filled in with the value from the Rate field on the time card, but may be changed for an individual time entry. For expense entries, this field is blank and non-editable.

Amount: For time entries, this field is non-editable and shows the Rate multiplied by the Time. For expense entries, this field is editable and is used for the amount of the expense.

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