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Quick Start

1: Open PDF Doc
2: Add Stamp
Creating a stamp
Saving Stamps
3: Review Document
4: Save Document

Default Stamp
Date/Time Stamps
Removing Stamps
Large Documents
Multiple Documents
Logging Output
Unstamping Multiple Documents
To remove stamps from multiple documents:

1. Bring up the Bulk Stamping window (Tools->Bulk Stamping).

2. Select the folder containing the PDF files that you wish to unstamp. You can drag and drop a folder from the Finder or click the Input… button to bring up an Open dialog. The Bulk Stamping window will show the number of PDF documents within the folder.

3. Select an output folder for the unstamped PDF files. You can drag and drop a folder from the Finder or click the Output… button to bring up a Save dialog. If you select the folder containing the original PDFs, StampInStone will create a new folder called Output and place the stamped PDFs in that folder.

4. Click the Unstamp button.

StampInStone will process all the PDFs in the folder. PDF documents with stamps will be unstamped; PDF files without stamps will be copied.

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