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The Adirondack Meme inspired a 2d graphics project using a Mac and the desktop software Create. The initial thought was to design a unique kind of Ouija Board using a collage of found images and symbols derived entirely from the Internet, combined with the usual graphics and text as an experiment. The initial concept was that the original “Intention” of the selected images and symbols might be inherent within them and potentially captured. When assembled in a unique combination incorporating an overlying “Intention” they might act a conduit for communication similar to the original Ouija idea. The graphic was then printed out and laminated to a panel of galvanized sheet steel with the option of a ground wire hookup and mounted to a sheet of masonite. Included was a symmetrically balanced new version of a Planchette based on a bilateral graphic depiction of the Fibonacci number sequence, also a symbol on the board, and a sequence found throughout nature, art, and music, etc. The board was tested in a group setting in a cabin in New Hampshire in an attempt to communicate with a friends deceased Parent. The Friend as the primary observer was holding the ground wire. It was then found that a nearby compass could be used resting on the Planchette view port to navigate the board while meditating on the initial observers query or “intention” as it were. The compass was thought to be reacting to the galvanized sheet steel connected to the Friend as an interference, and would move quite erratically from the expected magnetic north direction depending on what symbol the Planchette was located on. It then appeared to point toward the next image or symbol intended to be reached. In this one experiment the Planchette repeatedly navigated to arrive at the image on the board titled “Love”

The 2D Quantum Quija experiment sponsored many questions. Could the images and symbols as a collective whole, having been digitally clipped from active cyber space, somehow function as conduits for communication in a holographic model of the universe? The holographic concept being the whole is within the parts. Could it be that “Intention” can be inherent or recorded within an image or symbol, including its history, ideas, the stories that created it, and even the “Intention” of the individuals who researched, posted, and defined it? Could this have a direct connection to the holographic paradigm? Could then a unique combination of images and symbols be so arranged with a programmed “Overlying Intention” to become a language and communication device between realities activated purely by its observation? Something like software that functions without the need of hardware, perhaps as in the Quantum Field where particle entanglement might engage communication without the need for instrumentalities. Are the symbols and images then connected to a kind of Quantum field that when combined with the observers clear and stated “Intention” engages the boards function as a conduit of communication between all that are observing, and those asked to observe from their respective realities wherever they might be? The symbols and images combined with basic text along with the traditional and polite Ouija protocols then offers the potential of broad to specific interpretations of the symbology and text as it presents itself by the primary observers navigation across the board.

The sourcing of the images and symbols was an intuitive search with an “Overlying Intention” that the board feels positive, alluring, and mysterious, yet also balanced between the fundamental feminine and masculine forces operating as an essence of humanity. That balance being the tripartite relationship forming the resultant from combining the corresponding forces of Love as the feminine, and Joy as the masculine. The idea that the act of observing the boards symbology being what activates its function in a quantum field, and using the potential of a quantum entanglement led to the name of “Quantum Ouija”.

The project was developed applying a Freethought Philosophy in programming the “Overlying Intention” where both belief and disbelief as finite concepts are exclusive from rational thought. A philosophy of free thought as an infinite concept is about potentials and possibilities. It is a philosophy where realities are to be observed and experienced, where experience is to be interpreted understanding there is always uncertainty. The Observer will then need to be comfortable living with uncertainty. Using Quantum Ouija as an experimental communication device will require interpretation from ones observations and meditation following an effort to silence the internal dialogue. That’s hard to do. So see what happens.

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